Job Quality Matters

The challenge of attracting and retaining a diverse, productive, engaged workforce has grown significantly in recent years. Workers seek quality jobs, and companies that prioritize job quality become employers of choice.

Job quality is not just about the job; it is a combination of key drivers that are important to each worker’s overall employment experience. Pay and benefits matter, and so do a multitude of other factors such as workplace safety and health, having a voice in decision making, scheduling predictability, feeling valued, skills building, and advancement. Together, these distinguish an employer of choice from the rest.

How to Use This Survey

Below are 32 simple questions that can be answered in less than 5 minutes. The questions are based on the 8 drivers of job quality described in the Job Quality Toolkit. Empirical studies and real-life experience have shown that these drivers are all important to some degree; however, their importance will vary across employee groups, organizations, and industries.

As honestly as you can, answer the questions about your organization’s activities in each of the 8 driver areas. You may not have activities in all areas. Your objective for using the survey is to identify areas of potential strength that you can build on and potential weakness you may want to address.

Completing the survey is a first step in improving worker satisfaction, engagement, and retention. It is essential that you understand the needs, expectations, and desires of your current and future workforce, before deciding on what changes to make. After you complete the survey, we encourage you to reach out to your local MEP Center for assistance in analyzing the results and exploring the potential strategies and actions provided in the Job Quality Toolkit.

Each question should be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, in which 1 is a low score (meaning you strongly disagree) and 5 is the high score (meaning you strongly agree).